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Things Women Want Their Partners To Do In Bed

Things Women Want Their Partners To Do In Bed

Probably every man has wondered at least once what women want from a partner in bed, but you were ashamed to ask and they are ashamed to actually tell you the truth. Some things are pretty obvious about what women want from their partners, but there are a few things that will definitely make you think twice about what you thought you knew.

If you’re single but you want to try out some of these things, a great way to do so is to find a professional escort. Even though you can find tons of information about a girl on her profile, reading UK escort reviews will give you insider information you wouldn’t usually find anywhere else. If you’re looking for a man to try these things out, you can decide to go with sugar daddy dating and meet a guy who not only shares your taste in sex but will take care of you with no emotional attachment whatsoever!

Women Love Men In Uniform

The first and probably most obvious thing a woman wants in bed is for a man to be in uniform (work uniform, police officer, firefighter, etc.). The reason is that they want to change and spice up their sex life a bit. Some women want to be the one wearing a uniform—such as a secretary, a student, a nurse—and to enjoy roleplay because it’s a great way to light up your imagination. They simply want to escape from reality, at least for a while.

Women Want To Be Dominant From Time To Time

Another thing that women want from a partner in bed is that sometimes they take responsibility and that they are the main ones, not just men. They want to do things they normally do, but with showing control and letting their partner know that they are the main one. This is especially true for women who have children and work and for whom every day is the same over and over again.

There’s Never Enough Passion When It Comes To Sex

The third thing is passion. If you are married or in a relationship, sex becomes just a routine and a habit, the poses and the place are always the same which can lead to boredom. Women sometimes want their partner to take the initiative and for everything to happen spontaneously and not at an agreed and specific time. The phrase “let’s take a shower and cuddle a little” often has a counter-effect, especially in a long-term relationship or marriage. If you get horny no matter the situation and if you are able to grab your woman right away and take the opportunity, she will be very hot, wet and passionate.

Sometimes women first want a nice erotic massage that is just foreplay for sex. While the woman is taking a shower, you prepare everything for the massage. Put on some bedding that you won’t mind throwing away, maybe dim the lights, play some romantic music, maybe even light a couple of candles and of course massage oil that is sure to be used for sex. When she comes out of the bathroom she will be thrilled. Let her lie down and you gently massage her from top to bottom and you will see, she will get very horny and will want you to take her immediately.

Oral sex is something that every woman wants and if you exclude this, her desire to satisfy you orally will become very low. As we men want and love oral sex, women love it even more. Many women even cum while their partner orally satisfies her, rather than with vaginal sex. First, satisfy your woman, and she will be very happy to satisfy you. A satisfied and horny woman will make sex unforgettable.

Take Control And Be A Man

Women in most cases want the man to be dominant, and that he is the one who determines everything they’ll do in bed, he is the one who determines the poses and the flow and the speed of everything. Feel free to indulge and show her who is in charge.

A Little Bondage Goes A Long Way

One thing that women love and want but are ashamed to ask for is to tie their arms and/or legs and put a blindfold over their eyes. If bondage excites you, prepare a rope first, for example, and during foreplay tell her that you have prepared and that you want to try it because she will still be ashamed to admit it. She will probably admit that she liked it after sex. Next time, try tying this way: take your woman out to dinner or a night out, flirt with her even though you’re already in a relationship or married, kiss on the way home, and the sex will be amazing because she’ll feel like you’re just about to have fun.

It is probably uncomfortable for your wife or girlfriend to admit that she is tired of the poses you have had sex in so far so take the initiative and find and try new poses, of which there are many. Do not stick to what is safe and tested as it can lead to a decrease in sexual desire. Try to pull the girl by the hair during sex, not so much that it hurts, but to continue to enjoy.

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