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Sissy Husband At Club Kink

Sissy Husband At Club Kink

With a vicious expression on her face Maria stood. She forcefully dragged her husband to his feet while caressing the maltreated middle of his and jamming the vibrator farther in brutally. Her husband moaned in pain and delight. She had this night planned out carefully at Club Kink. Her the Goddess, him in cuckold chastity being used as a sissy. She could not wait.

“You’ve been eager to get fucked up the ass, now the time has finally come for you” She pushed him hard, yanking out the vibrator with a swoop and making him tumble over on the floor beneath her. Like a cat on the hunt she threw herself right on top of him. Taking full command. Ramming an elbow painfully onto his chest and working the vibrator back deep within him.

“No, Maria” he protested in a faint voice without much conviction. “I’m not really a homosexual, I don’t wish that. Please”

“Quiet you sissy boy. I´m using your ass exactly as it deserves.” she sneered with delight as she destroyed his ass by pumping the dildo hard inside him. Again and again. Without remorse. Dragging out a gasp of pain each time. Mixed with low groans of pleasure.

“You spank him, Brian” panted Maria. Wriggling her finger at one of the onlookers at Club Kink. She had taken her husband here for the very first time. And he definitely entered the velvet filled rooms without any knowledge of what was in store for him this night. He gasped in shock from his exposed position on the floor: “What Maria!? No please”

His wife just laughed viciously, jammed the dildo in even harder, and motioned to Brian to use the whip in his hand on her husband’s back: “You lost your say in all matters little worm. Now feel what a devilish duo can do”.

WHACK WHACK. Brian had been instructed in advance and was in no way holding back. Fucked on the floor by his wife with a dildo and whipped hard by a complete stranger, he was dissolving into a mess underneath them.

“Your cock is hard Brian. Show this little sissy how to service a cock with his mouth” yelled Maria joyfully. By now she was touching herself while working on her husbands ass. He tried to protest again but obediently opened his mouth as Brian approached…. and the night turned miles away from where he thought a trip to a nightclub would have taken him ….

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