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Affilas – Adult Affiliate News

Affilas – Adult Affiliate News

This is a common question asked by many web developers and webmasters are who interested in earning more revenue from their website. An affiliate program allows a website owner to share in revenues that result from users originating from their website. For instance, a company such as AOL has an affiliate program for their webmaster products. They offers tools that aid webmaster in tracking visitors and promoting their website.

Let’s illustrate how an affiliate program functions by using this website as an example.

A webmaster visit’s a company’s website that offers an affiliate program. If they feel their service is complimentary and useful to the people use surf their own website they may elect to join that company’s affiliate program. For instance, if you have a website for learning HTML code


Affilas – Adult Affiliate Marketing

The webmaster will fill out an online form to join the affiliate program or email the company for more details. The company will in turn send the webmaster a special code that he or she may link to their website with. This special code allows the company, such as AOL, to track sales from a particular affiliate. The webmaster will place banners, buttons, and/or text links on their website to the company’s site. For example, you might have this banner for website garage on your site:

If a user click’s on this banner and buys a products from a site, you will receive a pre-determined referral fee, eg. 10% of sale.

Let’s say in our example that a user bought a product from the site. The webmaster’s account will be credited with the purchase. After a certain period of time or when a dollar value of “referral” fees is obtained, the sponsor/company will issue payment to the affiliate for their sales leads.

There are different types of affiliate programs listed at Affilas:

Click-through – offers a payment amount, eg. $.10, when a unique user clicks on a banner to visit a sponsor’s website. Affiliate – this is what we discussed above, a program which pays people a percentage of sales, Banner Exchange – programs that offer opportunities to promote your website by means of other people’s site in exchange for displaying banners for a larger pool of website owners. Affilas.com contains a huge number of affiliate programs based on different categories that you can join. Our website is updated daily with new programs and opportunities for you to maximize your website’s revenues, so we do encourage you to return frequently. To bookmark this website, press Ctrl-D.

Affilas.com has put together some tips of what to look for when choosing an affiliate program, to read this advice, click here!

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